How to get insurance From Easypaisa? Claim insurance | Mobile Phone Insurance 2022

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How to get insurance From Easypaisa? Claim insurance | Mobile Phone Insurance 2022
How to get insurance From Easypaisa? Claim insurance | Mobile Phone Insurance 2022

Those who pay Rs.2 a day or Rs.60 a month for a year are protected for up to Rs.10,000 in medical costs.

App for Easypaisa

Using the Easypaisa App, choose the insurance option for ‘Mobile Phone Insurance 2021.’

Proceed with the mobile Phone insurance payment plan.

A clear photo of the phone screen with the IMEI number should be uploaded.

You will get an SMS message from 3737 after the payment has been completed.

The Claims Procedure

Your name, CNIC number, and the following photographs should be sent over WhatsApp to the insurance company’s WhatsApp number 0347-7003737: Just For Mobile Phone Insurance.

The IMEI number may be seen on the damaged screen.

An example of a bill for repairs (Insurer may ask for physical verification of mobile phone depending upon the case)

Terms & Conditions

Claim Benefit 

The claim will be settled on the basis of the market value of the screen of the same make & model at the time of damage or up to Rs. 10,000/- whichever is lower as per the eligible limit.

Period of insurance

One year from the date of subscription is subject to continued payment without a gap.

Type of insurance cover

Accidental and/or Physical Damage to a screen that renders the operation of cell phone difficult, maximum up to Rs. 10,000.

Reversals and Cancellations 

There are no reversals in particular mobile screen insurance plans.

Waiting Period

In case of a claim within the first 30 days (waiting period) from the date of policy issuance, the customer would not be eligible for a claim.


For this mobile screen insurance daily payment plan, Easypaisa would auto-debit the payment every day/month, as shown to the customer in the price plan. 

At the time of claim, the remaining policy due amount to an insurance company (if any) will be deducted at the time of claim settlement

Eligibility of claim submission

Insured customers can submit claims within 15 days from the date of discontinuation and/or damage to the mobile screen.

Insured customer who maintained per day payment is eligible to claim as per eligibility criteria. WhatsApp below requirement on 0347-7003737 for claim request:

  1. Snapshot of Damaged Screen
  2. Copy of Repair Invoice
  3. We may ask for physical verification of mobile phone depending upon the case


1. How to check IMEI number

  • By dialing *#06# on your mobile dial pad.
  • The IMEI number of the device is always printed on the box and device.
  • Go to settings > about phone > Status > IMEI Information to extract the IMEI number

2. How much premium do I have to pay

  • You will pay Rs. 2 daily or Rs.60 monthly which will be deducted from your mobile balance account. The maximum deduction for a one-year policy is Rs. 365

3. What will the Insurance Cover

  • Only your mobile screen damage is covered up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- as per the table below

4. Is the insurance covered all over Pakistan

  • Yes, insurance is covered all over Pakistan

5. What is Mobile Screen Insurance Period

  • This Insurance is valid for ‘one year’ subject to continuous payment of the daily or monthly plans. In case, missing payments are more than consecutive 15 days, your mobile screen insurance plan will be automatically discontinued

6. Is my family’s phone also covered in this mobile screen insurance policy

  • No, only Easypaisa customer’s phone is insured

7. What happens if my Insurance policy is discontinued or unsubscribed

  • You can only buy a mobile screen insurance plan with a new IMEI number and device details

8. What happens when my mobile screen insurance is discontinued due to consecutive non-payment over 15 days

  • No refunds are allowed. However, you are eligible for the claim amount (if any) for the duration till your last insurance payment was made. The claim should be submitted within 15 days from the date of last payment, before discontinuation

9. Can I submit a claim in case I lost my phone

  • No, only loss of Mobile Damage Screen is covered

10. How many days do I have to file a claim for Screen Damage to my phone

  • Claims must be reported within 15 days from the date of Screen Damage.
  • Report claim at a) Easypaisa 3737 helpline or b) WhatsApp your name, CNIC, Easypaisa account number to the insurer on 0347-7003737

11. Does my policy remain continued if I get the claim of Screen Damage to my mobile set

  • No. Your insurance policy will immediately discontinue, after raising the claim request.

12. Liquid leakage or water damage to the mobile screen is covered in mobile screen damage

  • No. Only physical damage to the mobile screen is covered

13. How do I get my insurance claim amount, once the claim is approved

  • The insurance claim amount will be paid to your Easy paisa Mobile account

14. What insurance claim documents do I need to submit

  • Share claim documents to insurance company WhatsApp number 0347-7003737 along with your name, CNIC number, and following images
  • Picture of Damaged Screen with IMEI number
  • Picture of Repair Invoice


It is a general insurance policy that is underwritten, issued, and governed by TPL Insurance Limited, which has its headquarters in Pakistan on the 11th Floor, Centrepoint, Off Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway, Near KPT Interchange Flyover, Karachi City. 

The UAN number is 021-111-000-301.

Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited (Formerly Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited) has agreed to serve as TPL Insurance Limited’s corporate sales agent. 

The name of the product, Mobile Screen Insurance, does not in any way represent the product’s quality. Telenor Microfinance Bank is just functioning as a TPL Insurance Limited sales representative.

For all of the policy paperwork, price, and risk assessment, as well as claims/liabilities under the policy, TPL Insurance Limited is exclusively liable.

Neither Telenor Microfinance Bank nor TPL Insurance Limited will investigate or offer an opinion on the merits of your claim if your application or claims are denied by TPL Insurance Limited. Self-registration requires a 30-day waiting period. 

No reversals are allowed when it comes to the mobile screen insurance plan. The insurance may be terminated by any party within 15 days after signing it.

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